Ultimate Satellite Solutions is a leading home services retailer founded on solid leadership &  key values such as honesty, professionalism & customer service. These key values & our leadership we believe is the core reason why we are making such the large impact in the industry that we are today. Founded in 2015, Ultimate Satellite Solutions has over 300 loyal subscribers & rapidly growing. Our Founder & CEO Mitch Bellinger believed it was time to restore pleasure & trust of ordering home services into the industry. Therfore creating a company with core values to focus on the customers unique needs, budget and experience. Once we knew we had the proper systems in place providing the proper foundation for substantial growth, we took the next steps and began unleashing our unique services nationwide. From there, the growth has been unpresidented and USS grew into a leading national retailer.  Proper training of our sales reps ensures proper sales techniques are being performed without any exaggeration & our technicians are completing installs correctly for flawless system operation. Combined together results in what we call our "Ultimate Satisfied Customer".

Our Commitment to you

We want to grow a lasting relationship with every customer. We want you to be comfortable with our staff and services where you look to us for anything you may need done. We dont try to sell anyone more then they need. We sell them the perfect package and nothing more. Even when no body is looking, we always do the right thing. Thats called integrity, and we promise to never sacrifice integrity for growth.

Mitch Bellinger

Owner/Founder/Chief Executive Officer

In June of 2015, I decided to start a company and a brand where customer can simply call one phone number and have anything from TV & internet to smarthome systems and many other products and services. With this, Ultimate Satellite Solutions was born. I then stated a moto for our company to never sacrifise integrity for growth. I wanted to develop the most honest and respected home solutions company not only in the western NY region but across the entire nation. Customers deserve to keep as much of their hard earned money in their pockets and not be over charged. With all this, Ultimate Satellite Solutions brok records for fastest growing company in the nation compaired to other retailers. Customers have

Customers have taken notice of our company and place their trust in us to find the best solutions for their unique needs and budgets. We guarantee we can save you money one way or another. We have partnered with all the major service providers to be able to find the best offers across the entire nation. No other retailers can match up to our unique capability of finding the best an inexpensive solutions. Come give us a try and be surprised at how much hard earned money we can keep if your pocket. I promise you wont be disappointed!

                                                                                                                                                    - Mitch Bellinger


Don Dillenburg

Operations Supervisor

Jessica Bellinger

CEO's Administrative Assistant

Jessica is the administrative assistant to our CEO Mitch Bellinger. Jessica handles many things such as payroll, scheduling, equipment ordering and much more. Our administrative assistant ensure we continue to provide 5 star service across all aspects of the company. Jessica also coordinates and sets us up for the many fairs and events we attend every year in the spring and summer times. She is also responsible for managing all contracts across our entire company and making sure everything is up to date and in accordinance with the law. 

Aubre Murphy

Sales & Support Solutions Team Leader

Joe Marlette

Solutions & Support Specialist 

Joe is one of our top solutions specialist as he has a great knowledge of customer sales and support experience. Joe has a vast background in sales, therfore is a great addition to our sales team. Joe knows the importance of making sure we get our customers the best solution for their unique needs at the best price which fits their budget. Joe has the ability to calculate quick math and compare all options available to customer to ensure the correct services are installed. Joe also assists Aubre with sales & support training to newly hired solutions specialists.

Aubre is Ultimate Satellite Solutions Sales & Support Team leader where she manages our Sales & Support Specialist. Aubre is very experienced in customer satisfaction working for other companies as a representative in the past. Aubre is very self motivated to bring on new Sales & Support staff and train them up up with the correct tools. Aubre believes in order to succeed, you need to grow others first. She handles hiring procedures from reveiwing applications to handing off potential employees to administration for final interviews. On top of all her duties as a team leader, she also makes her own sales while also providing support solutions for our customers. Needless to say, She likes being busy.

Jason Knepshield

Solutions Specialist/Field Technician

Jason Knepshield is our most veteran technician and also has the most satellite experience then anyone else in the company. Yes, even the owners havent been in the industry as long as Jason has. Jason bring a large amount of experience to Ultimate Satellite Solutions in the installation field. As like our CEO,COO & Don, Jason also worked for Dish for a long period of time. Jason is the former director of the subcontracting company that did work for Dish. Jason too makes sure all of his installation look clean and triple checks everything to ensure all systems are installed properly. Jason is a rise early, grind hard kind of guy and even though he is quick moving, his installation quality is always top notch. We always get great reviews from customers saying how quick he was and how great the install looks. Fun Fact. Jason use to be the boss of both our CEO, COO & Don. We are on big family making the satellite industry a better place for our customers!

Don is our primary full-time technician and newely promoted operations supervisor who also offers sales & support solutions for our customers. Don has several years of satellite experience and also loves talking with customers to help them get the right solution for them and to assist any customer in need of assistance. Don previously worked for Dish Network which is extremely valuable to have such experience here at Ultimate Satellite Solutions. Don makes sure all of his jobs look clean and makes sure the customers understand how to operate their new systems before leaving. If a customer doesnt give Don a 5-star review, he goes back to earn that 5-stars. Fun Fact, Don trained our CEO Mitch Bellinger when they both worked for Dish back in 2012.