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Directv is a satellite based system using a dish antenna to receive signal. This service has HD & DVR service throughout the entire home and does require set top boxes in the desired rooms. You will also have the ability to stream live TV and your recordings to devices such as your smartphone, tablets, computyer and other compatible devices through the Directv app. Internet connection required for offsite streaming capability. This site will forward you to our dedicated Directv page where you can review more information and contact us if you have any questions or are ready to get started!

Directv NOW is a new streaming service that brings live TV channels to a compatible device which connects to your TV. Requires a strong internet connection and compatible device. Does not require satellite equipment or set top boxes. Service is a month by month service plan with no contracts. This service is great for those who cannot get Directv for reasons such as poor credit, landlord restrictions, no line of site, college students, and much more. This site will forward you to a webpage where you can review more information and even get yourself signed up and started right away!